My Current Workout Playlist – Christian Songs to Get You Moving

There’s just something about the right song during a workout.

For a lot of us, it can be the difference between pushing through to the end, and giving up in defeat. We each have our own take on what makes a good workout playlist, but I’m sure most of us can agree that it needs to be energizing and fun to listen to!


For myself, the requirements are a good rhythm, some variety in intensity, and–even better–spiritually uplifting.

While I’m training my body, I might as well be training my mind by filling it with good things. I will say, sometimes I have the craving for some no-substance pop music, especially if I’m *shudders* running. But for the majority of the time, I try to pick music that helps set me up for the frame of mind I want to be in the rest of the day.


Now, if you’ve read some of my other posts, you may be confused. “I thought you were a group fitness instructor…why do you need a personal gym playlist?”


Great question, hypothetical reader! I’m glad you asked!


I do teach group fitness a few days a week, but–at this time, anyway–I only get a cardio workout from those. This is perfect  for me, though, because I thoroughly enjoy weight training alone. Just me, my headphones, and whatever goal I’m shooting for that day.


Since I do enjoy time to myself, this is one of those recharging times throughout the week, to focus only on my own development. The childcare at our organization is AWESOME. Our kids have made friends there, and love going to play while I’m teaching or working out.



So, back to it. Here are some of my top songs to include in a workout playlist (with links to videos so you can actually hear them!) :

NOTE: As I said, most of my personal workouts are weight-lifting. However, I know many of you brave souls are probably runners, so I’m including some of my favorite fast-paced songs too!


  • Toby Mac (if you’re newer to the Christian rap genre, do yourself a favor and check out DC Talk. This guy used to be in that group, and all their stuff is good. Extra points for nostalgia.)
          Til The Day I Die
          Move (Keep Walkin’)
          Feel It
          Lights Shine Bright
          Burn For You


  •  GRITS
           Ooh Aah


  • SuperChic(k)
          Rock What You Got
          It’s On
  • Chris Tomlin (Yes, really! These are great for running.)

God’s Great Dance Floor

Lay Me Down


  • Lecrae
          All I Need Is You


  • NF
          I’ll Keep On (again, more of a stretching speed)


  • For King and Country
          It’s Not Over Yet
          Fix My Eyes


  • BarlowGirl (more nostalgia love!)
          Never Alone (fun fact: did my senior solo dance to this in high school-one of my all-time favorites)
          One More Round


These are just some of my favorites…some newer songs and some from awhile back.


Another great option, which I do frequently, is to take one song or artist you just LOVE (like one of these!) and create a Pandora station based on them. This opens up new songs and artists you may have never even heard!


What are your favorite workout songs? I’d love to add to my list!

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