Finding My True Identity


Where do you find your identity?

I was one of those fortunate kids who got to try just about everything.

I dance. I sang. I played the piano.

I played soccer (briefly and terribly). I mimed. I painted. I wrote. By the time college rolled around, one of these pursuits had to win out and be given most of my attention. Ballet was my greatest love so, true to form, my parents got me to a university that offered a BFA in Ballet.

 I was a dancer.

I was going to BE a dancer. I was NOT going to teach. I was NOT going to get married for a long time. I had a plan.

Fast forward about 11 years.

I teach. Not only do I teach, but–currently–it isn’t even in the arts at all. I am married, and have been for almost nine years. I am back to writing and painting, after they took a backseat for years.  I am absolutely not using my gifts in the ways I expected.
And that’s totally OK. Now, it’s totally OK.

But honestly? I dragged my feet through most of the process. I like a plan, I like MY plan, and I strongly dislike change.



Who am I, anyway?

 Like many of you, I’ve always been passionate about my art form (insert here: sport, academics, etc).

It became so easy to immerse myself in it and allow it to become my identity. What do we say when someone asks us about ourselves? Generally, we answer with what we do for a living. While this isn’t always, I think sometimes it reveals a deeper issue.

My identity is NOT irrevocably tied to my current method of contributing in this world.

My identity IS irrevocably tied to my position as a child of God, and to my willingness to follow HIS plan for my life as it contributes to His kingdom.

Now, before it starts sounding like it doesn’t matter what we do with our lives, let me say this: it absolutely does.

We were designed by a God with an infinite imagination, and He saw fit to make us unique and creative individuals. I’m so thankful for that. It indicates that these gifts we have, and our drive to use them, are of worth.

But what if you – specifically YOU – were made to participate in God’s plan in more ways than one?

Being ok with change

 I’ve come to believe in my own life that the temporal things are VERY temporal.

As in, they may not even last all of THIS life. So many aspects of my life thus far have been present for just a season. This is a hard idea to accept, for someone who hates change. But there’s a flipside! The eternal things, those which matter most anyway, NEVER CHANGE.

 So, using some logic, it makes all the sense in the world to tie my sense of identity and comfort to that which always remains.
  • God is good.
  • I am His.
  • His infinitely wise plan is better than my limited view.
  • It’s ok to go along for the ride.
My identity is NOT irrevocably tied to my current method of contributing in this world. My identity… Click To Tweet

Why I’m writing

I strongly believe we were each given our abilities and interests for specific reasons. They are tools, just as our good and bad experiences. And just about any skill set or knowledge can be used to glorify God and serve others.

My responsibility is to draw close to the Lord and work diligently to refine my skills, so that I can do [whatever that thing is I’m currently doing] and do it WELL.
I hope to help foster a community with some of these same goals.

I would love to hear your experiences!

Where have you found your identity and value?


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21 Replies to “Finding My True Identity”

  1. I like you at one time found my identity misplaced in what I was doing. I’m so thankful to have awakened from that identity crisi and found my true identity in Christ.

  2. I agree with this post so much. It’s too easy to think that who you are is what you do. I’ve struggled a lot recently with how to identify myself outside of my day to day tasks. Thanks for the reminder that I have an identity in Christ that is reflected in both what I do and who I was created to be. I love using my God given talents to make my corner of the world a brighter place.

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