Kid Crafts Using What You Have – Buggie Uggies

First off, don’t judge me. I hold no responsibility for the naming of these things.

Kid crafts using what you have

We’re an arts and crafts family. Sort of. Whether we always make time to actually DO things is a whole other story. But we have lots of fun ideas. Because of my artistic tendencies, my daughter never had a chance. She’s been creating ever since she knew she could. Combine that with her dad’s eye for collecting “cool stuff”, and you get…strange kid crafts. This is what we’re talking about today.

Daisy’s been collecting what I think are walnuts from our back yard. (Don’t quote me on that…I couldn’t find a definitive answer on whether that’s what they are.) I’ve been telling her for weeks that we’ll do something with them.

Kid crafts using what you have

We also have a collection of pine cones collected from family camp last summer, and the plan for those is to spray paint them some metallic neutral to use in home decor. So that’s what I had in mind for the walnuts too. But the more I thought about it, I decided I didn’t REALLY want a basket of silver, broken walnuts somewhere in the house. Also, I had a can of leftover pink sparkly spray paint (from making fairy wands for a dance recital a few years ago, obviously).

Kid crafts using what you have

This isn’t really a how-to, but this is how we made the lovely Buggie Uggies. Obviously it needs to be in a numbered step-by-step, in case your kids have a hankering to bring outside stuff to you and make it inside stuff. Stupid-simple, which is great when you’re teaching  an independent 5 year-old how to use a hot glue gun. (She has to learn sometime, right?)

  1. Spray paint the walnuts (?)

Bonus points if it’s windy and you then retrieve them from all over the back yard. No picture of that part.


2. Maybe a second coat if you hear “Mom, those aren’t very pink.

Kid crafts using what you have

3. Hot glue pom-poms on wherever you please.

Ours became hair of varying styles. (This is so irrelevant, but I can’t leave it alone. The word was originally “pom-pon”, but it was misheard so much that eventually “pom-pom” – with or without the hyphen – has taken over as more frequently used. Such is the evolution of language. There you go, fellow word-obsessed friends.)


Kid crafts using what you have



Kid crafts using what you have

4. Hot glue googly eyes of your chosen size to these guys.

Miss Daisy preferred the smaller ones. I think she found the huge ones slightly disturbing!

Kid crafts using what you have

And there you have it. The Buggie Uggies are cheap, easy, and – at least in our house – extremely appealing to kids.

Kid crafts using what you have


What’s your favorite kid craft to make?

Weirdest crafting ingredient you’ve ever used?

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  1. I love them! What a great idea to just use what you have on hand! (also, I think the name is so sweet. :))

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